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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blogger? Hardly knew 'er!

Why Blogger, why now? Why not stay with my current, heavily modified Wordpress engine?

I'm sure you've noticed various problems with my blog, of severity ranging from mild layout weirdness on IE to server unavailability. Very little of this is the fault of Wordpress, which is a fine, fine system and I recommend it to those interested in having a decent PHP solution they can easily customize.

However! On the hosting side, I had constant problems with the server, and decided to finally put my trust in Blogger. With this move to the mainstream comes an array of features - just look for Blogger add-ons and Blogger-friendly software out there. I can now blog from Dashboard (the OS X one), something I'd been trying to implement myself for a while.

I've also created a Flickr account (hey, there's an iPhoto plugin!), and a Froogle wishlist. These will be integrated with the blog in the next few days. I'm just too lazy to consolidate all my publishing, and the interminable back end twiddling resulted in very little front end content. Relying on these major services should allow me to focus on what I have to say, I hope.

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