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Thursday, November 03, 2005

When web developers complain

So what's everyone's pet peeve with CSS? Mine include:

Can't define variables. If one of the points of style sheets is to make site-wide style modifications easier, why do I still have to search and replace when I decide to go with teal instead of orange? I should be able to specify values like $highlight = #ffeecc; $smallMargin = 10px

Can't specify more than one property in a single definition. Again, to reduce redundancy, I should be able to say border-color, background-color: Red.

But one minor thing that irks me every single time I have to type it is:

white-space: nowrap

So let me get this straight... You take "whitespace", which is a valid word with no hyphenation, and you hyphenate it. Then you take a non-word like "nowrap" and instead of hyphenating it like "repeat-x", you make it into a single word? Dude... weak.

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