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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sorry about the crummy language

Adriano Santi: I didnt have breakfast today
Adriano Santi: so I'm so fucking hungry
Adriano Santi: (just saw the salmon pic again lol)
nevenatwork: i often don't eat till 4:30, lol
nevenatwork: hahaha
Adriano Santi: ah
Adriano Santi: I'm going home for lunch in a few mins
Adriano Santi: got leftover mushu pork from last night
Adriano Santi: (we got lazy and ordered in)
nevenatwork: (i get hungry, too, but after about 3:00 i cross the threshold of hunger and can't really eat much)
nevenatwork: do you ever get that?
Adriano Santi: I usually eat before that
nevenatwork: there's a word in croatian for it
Adriano Santi: cos I can't function when I'm too hungry
nevenatwork: we use the same words for hand and arm, for foot and leg, for fingers and toes, for time and weather, but we have a word for getting so hungry you can't eat
nevenatwork: tells you a lot about the country's history, doesn't it

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