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Monday, March 13, 2006

A legend is born

nevenatwork: Crash sucked
Billy Nelson: the oscar is bull anyway
nevenatwork: yes. very much so
Billy Nelson: i heard one time that some actress, i don't know who, used hers as a door stop at her beach house.
nevenatwork: ava gardner or hepburn, probably
Billy Nelson: lets post it on wiki, then it will be true.
nevenatwork: she used it as a door stop, and one night she woke up in bed, smelling smoke coming from the other room. She got up to her house being engulfed in flames. She ran to the door, which was wide open thanks to the gold figurine jammed under it. She made it out just as the gas tank exploded, sending her face first in the sand. She turned around and saw nothing but ruins where her Malibu home had been... and the Oscar, unscratched. And that's how she learned the true meaning of the Academy Awards. And that's why it was the best summer ever.

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Anonymous Bill Hall said...

The Crash to watch is David Cronenberg's bizarre exploration of people who get seriously turned on by auto crashes. I once dated a woman with this very idiosyncrasy, and she became a wildcat after passing an accident on the highway. Truly amazing.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was bette davis and frank sinatra who used theirs as doorstops...

5:08 AM  

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