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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Handmade iPod Nano sock

I like iPod socks.

There, I've said it, come whatever hell may. Hard plastic and rubber cases will protect your pod-dude well, but they're a pain to remove. Why remove them at all? Because I want to use my iPod the way it was meant to be used, without some condom in the way.

Still, when I'm carrying my iPod in my bag I'd like to protect it against completely unnecessary scratches. Another option would be getting one of those gaudy leather cases; uck.

Enter the iPod sock. Soft to the touch of your hands and to your iPod's screen. Now, I'm not saying you should go out and buy Apple's iPod socks. I'm saying you should go out and make your own.

Here's mine - for it, I recycled an old sweater I'd outshrank (yay weight loss). The inside is lined with protective pleather, also reused from the elbow pads of a terrifying denim jacket. The iPod slides in and out easily, but the sock is snug enough not to drop it on its own.

red iPod Nano sock, handmade

Also, when I say "I" made it, that means that "I" sewed it under Christa's supervision.

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