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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Tangerine 1.0 review

I tried the beta version of Potion Factory's Tangerine, a generator of mood-based playlists, and found the application beautiful but essentially useless.

Version 1.0, out now, is slightly enhanced, equally pretty, and still producing the same (non)results. My top twenty "fastest" and "most intensive" tracks (out of a library of 6,000) include a scratchy Django Reinhardt ballad, Neu!'s "Neuschnee" and Tricky's "Ghetto Youth" - tracks I'd describe as fairly slow and mellow. It bears repeating: no matter how I twiddle Tangerine's (precious few) knobs, I get good-as-random playlists.

Also, your iTunes-purchased songs will not be included in the analysis; I understand that Potion can't legally break Apple's DRM in order to analyze these songs, but it does cripple the whole enterprise significantly.

Keep the UI and rethink the algorithm.

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