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Friday, May 18, 2007

Book review: Kings of Infinite Space

There I was in the library, unable to think of a single book to waste a few sunny afternoons with. I remembered that NPR had just done a piece on books that flew under the radar, and the one closest to me was James Hynes' Kings of Infinite Space, described as "Stephen King doing satire" or some such thing. It's a wonderfully entertaining book, written so smoothly and with such an ear for suspense, you won't even notice that by its end, not much has been "revealed" beyond what you've already learned from, say, Office Space. No matter - it's great fun, and the comparison to King makes absolute sense in that Kings of Infinite Space almost demands to be made into a movie; too bad it would be a little redundant for Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright to take on it.

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