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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dear John Gruber,

Dear John,

I really like Daring Fireball. So much that when you ran your 2007 membership drive, I felt a pang of guilt about reading without supporting and decided to chip in. You've entertained and informed me - that's worth more than the $19 membership donation, but that's all I could throw in. When you announced that we cheapskates could also upgrade to one of your snazzy new t-shirts, I opened the wallet that tiny bit more.

But here's the thing, dude - I haven't received my membership key or any confirmation from DF. PayPal sent me receipts, sure - but nothing from you. I emailed you (using your support and comment addresses) and no word yet. I used your "lost membership key" thingy on DF and nada. But hey, I understand you're busy. I saw the thing on your Twitter about drowning in email. And maybe someone got blacklisted somehow - you did for me or I did for you - so emails are ending up in the land of hiccups and lost socks. I've emailed you before with little comments about DF and you've replied.

It's no biggie. I'd like my cool DF feed and with the summer approaching, the shirt would be pretty sweet, but it's not an emergency. Sorry to blog this. Keep typing up mini-storms.


UPDATE: Got an email from Mr. Gruber saying that some users' emails have, indeed, not been reaching him. All is well!


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