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Saturday, June 30, 2007

iDay impressions

The week before June 29, my planned time of arrival at downtown Portland's Apple Store kept changing to earlier and earlier hours. Last week I figured showing up at 5 pm would be fine; yesterday morning, I woke up at 6 am and readied a backpack filled with entertainment, food, and seating accessories. The line meet-up buzz was psyching me out, and I had visions of arriving at Pioneer Place at 9 am to find an endless line snaking around several corners.

That didn't happen until, oh, noon or so.

I was the 15th person in line at 9, standing next to an initially cool, but eventually pre-hypertensic sixteen-year old; a 6'4" nightclub bouncer; two developer dudes who in another life could've passed for yours truly; and Cabel Sasser of Panic. And you thought we line-standers would all be crusty-panted losers.

A lot of things happened. I can't believe I brought a book, expecting long periods of dullness. In reality, I could hardly keep up with all the interesting conversations going around. I think I networked (oooh, big word) more than ever. Met some great people. Shared fresh cherries with the crowd. Counted down from ten before the doors opened. Went in in a psychedelic haze of black, white, wood, steel, and glass, being cheered on by the incredibly friendly staff (who had been distributing free coffee and bottled water earlier). I think I stepped in at 7:01 and stepped out at 7:03.

I drove home on a cloud, thinking to myself, now, be careful, don't get into an accident; you can't afford that with your iPhone in the passenger seat.


(I'll post a video of my unboxing later. It needs some quick editing, and I suck at video and I suck at YouTube.) I played myself a previously-prepared iPhone unboxing playlist at full blast:

1. Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra
2. Richard Wagner - Flight of the Valkyrie
3. Carl Orff - O Fortuna
4. Godspeed You Black Emperor - Storm

Update: Here's the unboxing video. Be kind and understanding.

I feel bad for people who had activation issues. I timed the following steps during my setup process:

- Filled out the new customer form (30 seconds)
- Waited for approval and new phone number (15 seconds)
- Waited for activation (15 seconds - honest!)
- Synced (12 minutes)

It was easier than setting up my iPod or AppleTV. It was the best early product experience I've ever had. It was art.

We'll see how I really like it six weeks from now. I won't attempt an in-depth review of the device today; I'm still high on multi-touch candy. You'll get enough poorly written reviews this week, and whatever you hear, it won't be accurate in any real sense until you hold the little bugger in your hand. Which you will, sooner or later. And then you'll buy one. Yes, you.

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Blogger Lyle said...

Glad to hear the Activation gods were on your side; I'm looking forward to reading your review after the dust settles.

5:24 PM  

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