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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

How do you like them Apples?

OMFG! Apple switches to Intel!

Ok then. I have to say I was puzzled and unsure of how to react when I first heard, but my computer guru, Ivan Voras, told me to do my breathing exercises and "be the change I wish to see in the world"... Well ok, that may have been someone else, but I did learn much in the end.

If you are a Mac user, my message to you is: relax. PowerPC hardware is going to be supported for a long time to come, and by the time you're ready to upgrade, you'll be buying a comparatively faster machine. But don't believe me; believe The Register and John Dvorak.

From an article by the former:

So, sitting here, in front of a PowerBook G4, what is Apple's move, if it's announced later today, likely to mean for me? Assuming the PowerBooks Apple is offering when I next upgrade are based on a future Pentium M processor - almost certainly a dual-core - and Centrino chipset, then I'll almost certainly be able to buy a much faster system, well beyond what Freescale has in mind for its G4-class processors, with faster memory, a faster system bus and faster interconnects. I'll still have a good display, Nvidia or ATI graphics, a capacious hard drive, slot-loading optical drive (Blu-ray?), USB 2.0 and Firewire ports, Ethernet, modem, and 802.11g wireless networking. The machine will wake from sleep just as well as mine does now and probably still way better than Windows notebooks do.

And a great point by Dvorak:

The key here is that Apple and its BSD-UNIX kernel running on the Intel platform should outperform Windows by an extreme and I'd guess outperform the PowerPC running the same software too. So Jobs can change his comparison advertising from PowerPC versus Intel to OS-X versus Windows on the exact same chip. The publicity potential here is chart-topping. What Mac user won't enjoy this show once it gets going?

Another intriguing detail is that while Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller emhpasized not letting OS X run on non-Apple hardware, there is a very likely possibility that running Windows apps on OS X will now be a breeze, perhaps even via some Classic-like Apple environment. How cool is that?

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