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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Ringrudge

Just watched A Tale of Two Sisters, and wow, it was certainly a horror movie - that plot was scary as hell. I just can't get enough of these jerkily moving, lanky female demons, things crawling out of closets, and canvas body bags tossing about. Not to mention the creeeepy house with a kitchen and a closet and a medicine cabinet. And we get a character who, unbeknowst to them, is actually dead - how do they come up with this stuff? To Ji-Woon's credit, unlike Sixth Sense, this one doesn't bother with any consistency, rhythm, or any of those pesky things*.

But seriously, folks, the scariest things in this movie - not in my opinion, literally - are 1. leftover fish in the fridge, 2. a dream of menstruation, 3. a zombie hand coming from under the sink, and 4. a laughably artificial trail of blood on the floor.

Speaking of dreams, what will it take for directors to stop showing people waking up from nightmares with a scream, covered in sweat, sitting up nicely for the camera? Can we for once see the dreamer recollecting the dream later in the day with deep, ripened unease - that's how my worst nightmares are, and they never feature blood or corpses - instead of this drive-thru, rollercoaster shock?

What else you got, Korea? And how about you, America? Scare me, guys!

* (look, I'm comparing this to Shyamalan, ferchrissake, and it's still worse.)

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Anonymous michele said...

I am weeping.

2:00 AM  
Blogger Neven said...

Sorry. Reviews are all fun and games until someone gets cut by a malicious metaphor.

9:10 AM  

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