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Thursday, June 30, 2005


You may have noticed that Mrgan.com has changed. It is now a portal to Neven, one page to rule them all. It contains lists of recent updates to several major services I've decided to go with instead of writing my own code. These are currently:

Articles from The Missing '"o", which is what you are reading right now. My blog will contain journal-like updates on my life, reviews, and whatever else I feel makes for interesting or important reading. This may overlap with other services.

This is a great picture storage and sharing service, with tons of features and a very neat user interface. It makes uploading incredibly easy (I use the iPhoto plugin.) It will contain new pictures I take - for old ones, ask!

You may want to know what I'm watching - check the blog for reviews and movies I see outside of Netflix.

I'm trying out this "social bookmarking service" if only because it publishes an RSS feed.

With a plugin (available for nearly every music app out there) this will publish and do stats on the digital music you play. The service can get sketchy at times, but it's promising.

So how does the page at mrgan.com get assembled, then? Well, all of these sites offer RSS feeds, which are formatted lists of recent updates. They're a breeze to parse, and in this way, the page pretty much runs itself - I never have to update anything but the design. I'm liking RSS, and though the news of its prominence in MS Longhorn is rather laughable, I'm glad it's gaining in popularity. I hope more online services offer it.

While we're on the subject, do any of you have RSS feeds you'd like to share? I have a bookmark folder called 'Friends' in Safari RSS into which I'll place them so I can stay up to date on what you're doing. Examples include blog feeds, picture feeds, etc.

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