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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Swish! Swoosh! Woooom!

Normally I wouldn't make fun of somebody's business, but this simply can't be let go without some poking. I present to you Swish Shop, a collection of Swish components. What can they do? Boy, anything - and it will all make your company website sparkle and gleam.

Perhaps your corporate website needs a spiffy illustration? Something that says, "we will crush you"?

Oh, but wait - first you'll need a logo, right? Your business visuals need to be recognizable, confidence-inspiring, perhaps even stunning?

Ok, we have a logo, now let's set up the website. How's this? Not enough room for copy - ok, this? It's $50, you can't expect miracles. Ok, here's an affordable, clean one, and I promise that the photos aren't from a stock photo collection - they're 100% legal! I really like this one... See, the guy is sitting on a menu bar AND standing on a 486 case; it's realistic, people can relate to that.

Of course, if you're looking for something edgier to capture that Gen-X market, this is it. We'll throw in a clock for free.

Hey, some people like it - it's not our job as designers and illustrators to make things look good. That's for artists and such. We're just trying to make a buck.

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