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Friday, July 13, 2007

Cloverfield, Slusho, 1-18-08

If you're not familiar with this "whoa, bro", soon-to-be-endlessly-satirized, untitled movie from J.J. Abrams of Lost fame, go devote three minutes to the teasy, teasy trailer.

Intrigued? There's a quick summary of what we know and don't know at MontyFood.

(The following is adapted from my comments on that page)

The number one fan-tease from J.J. Abrams is still Lost, and while the show has managed to stay intriguing and original (for the most part) some fans are still cautious about just how awesome and unpredictable the finale will be. Can it ever live up to the hype? If not, can it at least be great?

That remains to be seen. With Cloverslush (tm) J.J. has about ninety minutes to take us from comfort to discomfort to intrigue to mind-blowing. I wonder if the resolution of the movie (just what exactly is throwing the Statue of Liberty around?) will be shocking.

Most people I've talked to so far are fairly confident that it's either an alien invasion or a mega-monster. Those seem obvious enough, and I guess this is where we get to see what J.J.'s sensibility really is regarding these things: will it, indeed, be a giant monster, one completely unique in some way? Or will it be something completely unpredictable (a magical-realistic materialization of New Yorkers' fears and anxieties or some such thing)?

Or will it turn out that the trailer has little to do with the actual premise of the movie (the events in the trailer could be tangential, imagined, or otherwise irrelevant)?

Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to seeing what he thinks constitutes a good payoff on such titillating hype.

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