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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Hot rat

The Incredibles was pretty darn incredible, Finding Nemo was my favorite, and say what you will, but I loved Cars. Brad Bird's Ratatouille, however, is Pixar's best movie by far.

I'm dropping Bird's name because it needs to be known as well as that of, say, Howard Hawks. The man has made the three best American animated features in the last two decades, and it's not fair that he should be ignored just because he directs pixels a lot of the time.

And oh how grandly those pixels are directed here. From the icky sewer to the shiny restaurant, every part of this country-to-city, family-to-independence, nobody-to-star story is fantastically imagined and rendered.

But you'll hear all this from every critic in the world. This is essentially a film impossible not to love. Bon apetit.

(Hey, I blogged this from my iPhone.)

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Anonymous louise said...

bloody hell, you really can do everything with an iphone.

Ratatouille has had bad reviews here so far- but it hasn't been release properly yet so I wonder if all of the reviewers have seen the final thing.

I still think finding nemo will always be my favourite.

8:01 AM  

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