Outstreched arm

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wiillow wiip for me

Gather ye, and hear this sorry tale of the Wii I had and then lost.

I've been looking for a Wii for a few weeks now; I already have games, controllers, and a real desire to get into the first gaming system I've paid attention to since the NES. I've been sitting here, money in hand, calling every store I can think of to see when they might have some and who I need to bribe and how. No dice - all I hear is "we get them sporadically, and they sell out within minutes."

So imagine my shock when yesterday, a friend of a friend mentioned casually that he had two Wiis (due to a mixup both his wife and he bought one for their kid). He was more than willing to part with the unopened system at MSRP; I was writing the check like I was buying life-saving allergy meds.

Then today came and with it, tragic news: his wife, unaware of out transaction, returned the Wii to the store this morning.

Life sucks, and then you die, my friends.