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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Night of The Werewolves... In Love!

Hey, how did I miss this when it came out? Neil Marshall's Dog Soldiers is an entertaining and not unscary horror/action flick, a kind of a Living Dead (Werewolves) set in England. There aren't many werewolf movies nowadays (Nick Park's next masterpiece probably doesn't count) and this one does it old skool; not too much time is spent trying to understand or outwit the hairy monsters - they're just very big, muscley, teethy targets.

The plot puts a platoon of English soldiers in a farmhouse and has them rough it through a full-moon-lit night, low on ammo and high on British humor. It's not Saun of The Dead exactly, but it's a fun ride.

But even if the movie had sucked, I'd still be in love afterwards; love, my friends! Somewhere along this entrail-paved road an angel lands her delicate feet in a puddle of blood, first dressed in a big, huggable winter jacket and hat, then in a revealing - but oh, never revealing enough! - tank top. Emma Cleasby is her name, and I hope that in the future she stars in anything - anything! - so I could feast my eyes on her figure some more. I loved her from the first time her curly hair took up the screen, but when she grabbed that gun and took down that lycanthrope... Oh baby. Sure, she looks like an old heartbreak, Jane Daly from Deathdream, but so what - I've fallen for a type, sue me.

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