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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Isaac image browser on SourceForge

Thanks to the hard work, perseverance, and endless kvetching of my old buddy Ivan Voras, we've launched a SourceForge mini-website for Isaac image browser, my old PHP project which is now being managed by the abovementioned and yours truly.

Isaac is a PHP script that, when dropped in a folder on a PHP-enabled server, creates an on-the-fly gallery of images (with thumbnails) and allows for navigation of all the files in the folder. I created it as an easy way to exchange photos, mockups, and files with my online friends. Think of it as a very friendly and image-oriented server directory listing.

This was written very sloppily when I was first learning PHP, and Voras rewrote it entirely some months ago. We hope to continue work on it at a steadier pace now. I still get email from perfect strangers who stumbled upon the script who knows where - to those, I apologize for all the buggy early versions that saw the light of the web.

Go see it, webdev-savvy friend or visitor...

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