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Sunday, December 18, 2005

iPhoto thumbnail rebuilding

I've used Picasa, I've used Adobe Bridge, and I use iPhoto every day - despite its shortcomings, it's my favorite photo-organizing software still. I really like that Picasa is free and surprisingly fast, but its interface (especially in the new version) is a bit messy - impressive, but messy - and navigating the library can be confusing.

iPhoto is not without its flaws, though - a major one is that if you edit a photo in an external editor, iPhoto will not automatically update that photo's thumbnails. To keep your thumbnails up to date, you'll need to rebuild them periodically. Luckily, it's simple.

Close iPhoto and start it by Command-Option-clicking it. (In older versions, you may have to Shift-Command-click.) You'll be presented with a dialog box offering four rebuild options - check the first two and get a cup of coffee or go on doing whatever. It'll take a few minutes (eight on my gallery of 2,800 pictures) but it won't hog your computer.

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Blogger casey said...

The current version of iPhoto (iLife '06) uses the key combo command-option-shift. Thanks for the tip.

9:19 PM  

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