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Monday, February 06, 2006

Stubborness and misogyny; yay?

Two good movies, one out in the theaters right now, the other available since the 80s:

You know, Disney tries very hard every year to make a movie like The World's Fastest Indian: sweet, formulaic, inspiring, and genuinely nice. But they rarely succeed. They don't have Anthony Hopkins in one of those roles that make you wish for a sequel, a TV show, or some sort of continuation of the character's history, adventures, and outlook on life (Just imagine, The Bride of Atticus Finch) This is now on my top-five list for 2005.

My friend Bill and I were discussing a fascination we both had as young sci-fi readers, and we are most definitely not alone in it: forced mating. Ah, to be pressured into casual sex with prime females because of the super quality of my seed - it's a bubble bath for the teenage mind. Bill brought up Harlan Ellison's book A Boy and His Dog, and said I should read it or see the movie and that was all he would say. The movie, starring a babyfaced Don Johnson and his telepathic, Oxford-schooled dog, is a hilarious, over-the-top post-apocalyptic satire done on little or no budget, but marvelously effective. It's also quite offensive to women, but that's part of the basic premise; it would be rather disingenious to conclude that Harlan Ellison really shares any of the attitudes of the characters here. It's like a minimalist Repo Man, only more highbrow, if that makes any sense.

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