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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tips for installing RAM in an aluminum iMac

I upgraded the RAM on my brand-new, 24" iMac today; I got the chip from Crucial, who are a great deal compared to Apple's prices (though prices of upgrades on the new iMacs dropped significantly compared to previous models - they're almost competitive!)

The user manual will tell you to carefully place the iMac screen side down on a towel, then unscrew the door on the bottom of the screen, pull out the tab, click the chip in, replace the tab, and screw the door back in. Here's what I wish they had also said:

- The 24" iMac is big, so there's a lot of inertia when you're swinging it around. Think about how carefully you were going to do this, then be twice as careful.
- The RAM door is somewhat blocked by the stand.
- The bottom of the stand has graphic instructions for installing RAM. Useful.
- The screw they chose is a little odd. Don't use a very pointy, sharp screwdriver. Get a fairly dull one, otherwise it will just spin in place.
- The manual says that the chip will "click" in place. This has never been my experience with any slot, really - it's more like, it goes in 80% of the way, then you have to push it a little further, but it never "clicks".

All in all, it took about a minute once I found the right screwdriver to use. Whatever you do, don't strip the screw head - I'm an expert with stripped screws, and I would NOT want to be rescuing this particular one. It is, after all, attached to an important part of an expensive and beautiful computer.

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