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Thursday, January 05, 2006

When the drums stop

A joke, as pasted by Adriano:

A scientific expedition disembarks from its plane at the final outpost of civilization in the deepest African forest. They immediately notice the ceaseless pounding of native drums. As they venture further into the bush, the drums never stop, day or night, for weeks.

The lead scientist asks one of the natives about this, and the native's only reply is , "Drums good. Drums never stop. VERY BAD if drums stop."

The drumming continues, night and day, until one night, six weeks into the trip, when the jungle is suddenly silent. Immediately the natives run screaming from their huts, covering their ears. The scientists grab one boy and demand "What is it? The drums have stopped!"

The terror-stricken youth replies "Yes! Drums stop! VERY BAD!"

The scientists ask "Why? Why? What will happen?"

Wild-eyed, the boy responds,

"Drums stop... mean BASS SOLO!!!"

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Blogger offby1 said...

One of my all-time favorite jokes. I've bookmarked this page in order to more easily "cite" it :-)

6:15 PM  

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