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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Year in Movies

This was a slow, lazy, shameful moviegoing year for me; the drug that is Netflix had me glued to the PowerBook all year long, so much so that I nearly put Antonioni's L'Eclisse on this list. Sheesh. Let's do it anyway:

1. Brokeback Mountain
Hey, a movie about love. One free of sarcasm, contrivances, and trying-too-hard insights. Jake and Heath going beyond their prettyboy resumes and performing the hell out of the sparse script. No cheap or obvious shots, no speeches. This has very mature balls.

2. Good Night, and Good Luck
Clooney's film is a pleasantly claustrophobic little study, taking far restraint and deliberate limitation. He strips it of color, exteriors, physicality, and nearly all women, allowing David Strathairn to politely do his best underacting. At moments too clean and balanced, it's still a strong "message movie" with not unremarkable artistic merits.

3. Wallace and Grommit: The Curse of The Wererabbit
Who could believe that this is only the first W&G feature? Nick Parks has built such a fully realized world, we feel like we've seen it week and week out since childhood. His clay reality never gets, boring, either; when you find a gimmick like this, milk it all you can.

4. The Aristocrats
Sorry to praise this by complaining about another movie, but there is more outrageous, provocative, hilarious, and outright insulting humor in any 30-second clip of The Aristocrats than in all of Silverman's shockingly overrated Jesus is Magic. Bring a date and all your taboos.

5. All the movies I never got to see because I live in goddamn Tampa Bay where Capote was apparently too risque or underground or offensive or whatever to get a regular theatrical release. Yeah, bring on Underworld instead. Ugh.

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Anonymous louise said...

Have you seen 3-Iron?
It's a south korean film

I only just saw it and I really loved it, but no one else I know has seen it. More to the point, no one seems to want to, as when you describe the plot it doesn't sound too appealing.

Isn't there anywhere round there where you can see good movies? Even the most backwards hick town here has an arthouse cinema.nThe place where I went to see the cremaster films is one of the worst white-trash places in the country, lol

7:58 AM  
Blogger Neven said...

No, I haven't heard of it. I guess I'll have to see it on DVD.

There are artsy theaters around, but even they show the "upper middle class" indeependent flicks. When they do, they'll have one or two shows and this doesn't always work with my schedule.

8:43 AM  
Anonymous louise said...

i do find the scheduling problem with some of the theatres here too.

3-iron reminds me of in the mood for love, which i noticed you are getting from netflix. i love that film too

did you see 2046? i still haven't, i've heard very mixed reviews

6:18 PM  

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